Planning work is carried out with a view to design efficient equipment and tool set according to the production requirements.

We would be glad to provide you with:

  • maintaining the documents for the machines or devices to be produced according to the customer’s sample piece with guaranteed saving of the original product properties (reverse engineering);
  • development of documents for a new machine or device;
  • development of processing lines and their components (gear sets, transmission shafts, gears, machine components, clamping mechanisms, trucks for transportation of parts, etc);
  • designing non-standard equipment and computer-aided manufacturing;
  • updating the obsolete equipment;
  • designing tool sets for compaction of parts from metal powders (including die moulds, work tools for sizing precise parts, press auxiliary fittings for the die moulds to be located and fixed etc);
  • designing tool sets for machining, welding, mounting, heat treatment, dies, die moulds for general mechanical rubber goods, etc;
  • designing metal structures;
  • designing non-standard equipment according to performance specifications, preliminary drawings, pictures or detailed product description;
  • development of work tools and devices for pressing process to be automatized;
  • designing processing equipment for the products from metal powders and artificial resin to be manufactured (tumbling machines, ball mills, powder mixers etc);
  • updating and fitting of the pressing equipment;
  • creating electronic draft of the real product (prototype model);
  • converting paper documents to electronic form.