Tool steel is intended for production cutting, measuring, stamping and other tools. The main properties of this steel are hardness, viscosity, wear resistance, heat resistance. Tool steel can be divided on carbon, alloyed and high speed.

Qualitative carbon tool steel includes steel C15D, C18D, C45,etc; They are made of simple configuration cutting and measuring tools. Carbon steels are cheaper.

Alloy tool steel is produced on the basis of carbon tool steel and alloying of chromium, tungsten, vanadium, manganese, silicon and other elements. Alloy tool steels are used for making various cutting tools with a complex configuration.

High-speed steels are widely used for producing cutting tools that have high hardness and operate at high speeds. Speed steel refers to the carbide class of steels. They comprise carbide forming elements – chromium, tungsten, vanadium, cobalt and molybdenum.