The main advantages of such magnets are high magnetic properties at substantially lower as compared with conventionally used ferrites, size and weight.

Application of powder magnets lets you design and create miniature electric, acoustic instruments and unique industrial equipment.

Ingots of magnetic alloys are produced by direct fusion of the starting components in a vacuum induction furnace under inert atmosphere. Ingots are subjected to crushing and milled in a ball mill. The particle size of the powder is typically about 1 micron. In the grinding process it is possible the introduction of various additives to modify the properties of the magnetic material.

From the resulting powder products are pressed in molds by methods of isostatic or linear pressing in a magnetic field. Further the parts are sintered at 1000 -1200° C. After sintering, the products are grinded.

Final operation is annealing to improve the coercive force material. Finished products can be applied to anti-corrosion coatings as standard technology.