Technology of  metal injection molding is a result of combining molding of plastics with powder metallurgy technology.

MIM technology became widespread in the manufacturing of complex parts of various applications. Shape and complexity of parts depend just on the possibility to produce the appropriate mold.
The raw material for manufacturing of parts by MIM technology are finely dispersed metal powders of iron and alloying elements of different fraction from 1 to 20 microns, mixed with a thermoplastic binder (plasticizer) and special lubricants.

Advantages of MIM-technology are:

  • High strength of parts;
  • Unlimited possibilities for the complexity of geometric forms of the details;
  • Highly accurate tolerances and dimensions;
  • Wide range of possible surface details;
  • Possibility to apply different coatings.

Restrictions on MIM-technology:

  • Batch size is not less than 10,000 units (annual program of up to 20 thousand pieces);
  • Weight of items is not more 250 g;
  • Wall thickness does not exceed 10 mm;
  • Length is not more than 150 mm.

Tool steel

The main properties of this steel are hardness, viscosity, wear resistance, heat resistance. Tool steel can be divided on carbon, alloyed and high speed.

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Iron based parts

MIM technology allows producing complicated design ideas into high precision, excellent characteristics of the final product.

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Stainless steel

Stainless steel is widely used in machine tools, transport engineering, creation of various components and devices for the needs of industry.

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Powder magnets

Application of powder magnets lets you design and create miniature electric, acoustic instruments and unique industrial equipment.

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