The company is equipped with production equipment for forging, casting and machining, lifting equipment and testing equipment. The company, adopting advanced technology, is capable of heating and forging different material steel such as carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, and is a designated factory of steel forgings for pressure vessel.

Forging workshop: the workshop is equipped with a 2000T free forging hydraulic press, a 800T free forging hydraulic press, a 5T electro-hydraulic hammer, a 4T electro-hydraulic hammer, 20T forging operating mill, three 5T forging operating mills, four forging hammers of 1T, 750Kg and 400Kg, nine Φ 2.8 meters coal gas producers, six 3meters×6meters heating kilns, four 1.8meters×6meters heating kilns, one 3meters×9meters annealing furnace and five 10T-30T cranes. The workshop can produce all kinds of materials of gears, alligatoring rings and shaft forging pieces. The single piece weight and specifications of these products are: gear (ten tons), alligatoring ring (Φ 2meters), and shafts (15 tons, 10meters). As one of the workshops with complete production equipment for small and medium forgings, the workshop has the annual productivity of over 20,000 tons of forgings from hundred varieties of forging materials.

800T hydraulic press

800T hydraulic press

2000T hydraulic press

2000T hydraulic press

The heating furnace

The heating furnace

Machining workshop: the workshop owns complete equipment including a TK6916 numerical control floor type boring and milling machine, a 3×8 meters planer type milling-boring machine, a 2×6 meters planer milling machine, three heavy-duty horizontal lathes of CW61125×12meters, CW61125×10 meters and CW61125×8meters, a Φ3.4meters vertical lathe and other 28 processing equipment so as to ensure that all the forgings are delivered after being finish turned or rough turned, and to make a guarantee for deep processing of the products, building of industry brand and ensuring the standard reaching of the product quality.

Liner Cutting Machine

Horizontal Lathe

Surface Grinder

Vertical Lathe

Universal Boring Machine

CNC Gantry Boring and Milling

Cutting workshop: The workshop is equipped with a GB53130/180 vertical band sawing machine, two GB53130/150 vertical band sawing machines, two GB53110/110 horizontal band sawing machines and ten other type cutting equipment, serving our forging products, replacing feeding hot cutting process of forging materials and ensuring the inner quality of the products.

Cutting Machine

Laser welding machine

CNC turning

Lathe Machine

Die Casting Machine

Forging workshop

Powder metallurgy workshop: 200 Tons per month. Products dimensions miniature to 500 grams per part.

Pressing Machines: 25T, 40T, 50T, 60T, 70T, 100T, 200T, 315T

Sizing machines: 80T, 100T

Sintering Furnace: 12 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch sintering furnace, hardening furnace.

Pressing Machines

Powder mixing equipment

Sintering Furnace