Official Year of Founding


AVK Press International

The company has representative offices in Ukraine, Russia, Estonia and Germany. Manufacturing plants in Ukraine, India and China.


Company supplies metal parts for automotive industry, rail industry, agricultural machinery industry, oil and gas industry, electrical industry, instrument-making industry, sanitary engineering industry, tool industry, etc.


Turned parts, formed parts, milled parts, sintered parts, bent parts, punched parts, cast parts, laser parts, special screws, etc.

AVK Press Group specializes in manufacturing and supplying of metal parts on customers request.

Products are made by the most appropriate technological method, based on two main criteria:

  • Full compliance with the customer’s technical requirements.
  • Using the technology that provides the best price.

Company structure can be represented as followsAVK PPRESS_Expose

Making economically and technically appropriate solutions is a key task for the commercial department. Commercial department currently employs 12 experienced engineers who are experts in the B2B marketing and their respective industries. This department carries out a systematic distribution in the markets and industries, which are represented by our company. We provide “turnkey” engineering solutions.

Currently the group of companies AVK Press delivers its products on the territories of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Baltic countries (over 100 companies).